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China Solvent Dyes
11-19-2019, 04:54 AM
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China Solvent Dyes
Molecular Formula: C44H44N6O11S
Molecular Weight: 864.92
CAS NO: 53802-03-2
Properties and Applications: Yellow red. Red to brown powder, bright color transparent, in ethanol in higher solubility, heat resistance, light fastness is better. In concentrated sulfuric acid for brown, after diluted solution for light brown. Mainly used for alcohol solvent, ester solvent, varnish, synthetic resin, plastic and wood color.
StandardLight FastnessHeat-resistant(℃)waterSodium Carbonate(5%)Hydrochloric acid(5%)
Melting pointStable
ISOGeneral 200
Close to International brands: Neozapon Red 346, Red B, Red 24449, Fast Fired Red B, Red 1306, Zapon Fast Fire Red B, Oil Red 306, Oil Red 804
1. Solubility:
Ethxy Acetate100
Heat Stability150°C30minA
Light Fasthess6-7
2. Qualiy testing:
AppearanceRed Powder
Tinting strength (%)100±5
Moisture (%)≤12.0
60meshes residue (%)≤5.0
Solubility (%)25-30
Impurity (%)≤1.0
Light resistance6-7
Heat resistance(℃)160
3. Rated products series:
4. Packages: 25kgs firbre drums, 25kgs wooven bags, 25kgs cartons accroding to the customer needed.
5. Exhibition:
6. F.A.Q:
1Q: Can I get a catalogue of your products?
A: Yes. Please send us a message or request in the form below. We will e-mail our comprehensive brochure in PDF file to you very soon.
2Q: Who are your main customers?
A: We are mainly supplying large quantity of door handles to customer as follows:
Ink factories, Metalized film factories, Painting factories, Plastic factories, Textile factories, Dyes wholesalers and distributors etc.
3Q: Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples.
4Q: How do I know if my order has been received?
When we get your order by mail or fax, we will sign back the PI to you by mail or fax. We'll also email you to confirm we have your order.
5Q: How about your service?
A: We have professional sales department. They are full of export experience (from the inquiry, PI, contract, production arrangement, packing list, to delivery documents, etc.) They know customers' demands and try their best to meet the requirements.
Our constant pursuit is to satisfy any customers with our honest and reliable sale and after-sale services.China Solvent Dyes
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