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PS Plate Made in China
08-28-2019, 02:25 AM
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PS Plate Made in China
"Eagle" brand positive PS Plate bears excellent performance and unique hydrophilic layer、quick ink-water equilibrium、full screen dots and good re-production, and with the unique electrostatic air-conducting technology, the products are characterized with high-degree vacuum resulting from air pumping during plate sunning, short air-pumping time, and short developing time. They are an ideal choice for continuous printing.
It’s alkalescent developing and large developing latitude meet the environmental needs friendly.
Coating Weight(g/㎡)2.1~2.4
Anodizer Layer Weight(g/㎡)2.5~3.5
Grain Ra(μm)0.50~0.70
Resolution Power(μm)≦10
Run Length50000~100000
Dots Re-production(%)2~98
Exposure The UV metal halogen lamp is recommended
Exposure Quantity 140mj/c㎡
Exposure Time 80~140S with 3000W iodine gallium lamp (1 metre distance)
60~90S with 5000W iodine gallium lamp (1 metre distance)
Refer to "HG/T2694-2003:3-step clear of CT step webge"
Temperature 25±2℃
Time 30~45S(Manual) 25~30S(Processor)PS Plate Made in China
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