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First Kisses? - mclaren11 - 11-29-2016

my first kiss was on a mediterranian cruise.. haha
kay so on the frist night on the boat, i met this kid who was my age at the time, thirteen.
his name was kegan and he was from cork in ireland and he was nothing like the guy i liked back home.
there was a teen-club thing on the ship where there were like 30 other teens staying on the ship and there was like a teen pool party the first nightt and we hung out the whole time. i never met someone with an accent like that before and everything he said sounded cute. it was loud and crowded at the pool so put on some clothes and went to the japanese buffet thing where the food was on the ship and he said he never tried it before so we got someeee. so yea, we were sitting at a little tale with the california rolls and some wasabi and the chopsticks and everythingg and it was getting kind of awkward because he told me i was so pretty and he wanted to give me a kiss but hes never kissed an american girl before. and i was thinking to myselff, do you have any game at all..? hahahaahahha. so yea, i taught the kid how to use chopsticks and he said he wanted to feed me a sushi so im like , uhhh.. sure. so i opened my mouth and he picked up the sushi and leaned in to put it in but then out of nowhere, he like leaned in for a kiss and my mouth was wide open for the sushi! suhsi is big! and his lips were INSIDE my mouth and then he went to turn his head to oneside and i started laughing. he was sooo embarresed and im like duuuuude wtf was that..? i was expecting sushi ! the rest of the 14 days we didnt talk. whenever id see him id look the other way. when we docked at the almafi coast port he said hi and i just stared at him. it was so sad, i couldve had a cute irish long distance boyfriend : (

but anyways, i typed a lott haha. i lied to my friends and told them my first kiss was with my first boyfriend but it wasnt, it was the irish kid on the boat in europe who tried to feed me sushi.... bhahahahahah omg

RE: First Kisses? - Admin - 10-19-2021

A little late to laugh!!! But a great story :-)