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Full Version: Great date!
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I was on a date yesterday. We met in the afternoon and it should only have been for an hour or two, but suddenly we sat at a restaurant and got dinner and time was flying. I have been on dates before with guys that act like used car salesmen trying to promote themselves, but this guy didnt even try to sell himself. Great listener! Maybe I talked too much :-(

We had such a blast and it was fun and light the whole evening and we talked about everything. I hope he will call me again.... or should I call him?
Give him a few days and if he doesnt call you then call him. Just be natural!
Men who like to be persued is the wrong kind of men! Either they are beta (which often is the nice guy) or they have an issue!!! I don't like a woman to stalk me but it is great if she has a certain amount of initiative - without being controlling :-)
Always go after what you want. Whether you are male or female!
many congrats for having date ....share soon your next experience with us.
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