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Full Version: Dumped!
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So it seems Im the first in this thread.. I guess this is for the not so happy stories :-(

My boyfriend and I were together for 8 months and last night he broke up. He told me that he found another .-(((
I cried the whole night. I just want him back sooooo much. I thought everything was perfect and then he threw this bomb at me :-((

I know I cant do anything but cry right now, but I plan stopping it and then I have to move on.

Have anyone in this situation ever tried an succeeded to get the guy back. And how?
There is a reason why he dumped you. Find that reason. He might give you a reason but look behind his word to find the real reason. Then you at least can do something about it :-)

Good luck!
Maybe hes just an asshole!!

There are plenty of fish in the ocean!