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Full Version: Best flirting techniques anyone?
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Flirting is indeed an art, but actually anybody can learn it! Flirting, i.e. basically attracting an opposite sex can be done to just have fun, or to get a sexual partner. Either way, mastering flirting techniques is necessary to enjoy the exciting game of seduction.

Remember, that flirting is purely sexual without being vulgar. It is always better to keep it light even though you would love to fast-forward the initial phase. Let him get interested in you and court you. Men nowadays appreciate assertive women; however, there are still a good number of men who don't like the idea of being dominated by women, or feel intimidated by such behavior. Hence, give a hint that you are interested, but let him take the lead.

Body language is the most powerful flirting technique among existing ones. It does not matter what you are talking about, as long as your body language says it all. You can stroke your hair, touch your face, straighten your skirt or your blouse - this shows that you want to look good for him. If you feel confident use inviting gestures such as touching him gently - but make sure it is done very subtly and doesn't look vulgar. You should master the following powerful flirting techniques for girls.

> Maximize your appearance - Appearance is a very important flirting techniques. Therefore, you must always ensure that you look nice, clean and pretty when you are flirting with the guys. You can put some perfume to make you smell nicer, put on a little lip gloss to brighten you smile and make sure that your breath is fresh. You must remember that no guy will be interested to flirt with a girl who does not know how to take good care of herself.

> Don't be too tense. Calm yourself down before making any move; or else, you risk making awkward smiles and stiff hand movements. Relax for a minute and enjoy your drink. Guys are always on the lookout for girls who are comfortable with themselves.

> Make sure you send clear yet subtle signals to the person you are interested in - when a girl behaves coquettishly she becomes irresistible; and this is not only fluttering eyelashes. Men love to see women who know they are attractive and flaunt it. Moreover, when these women single them out with their attention, the sparks fly.

> A Simple Smile - Believe it or not, a simple smile will go a long way. A smile attracts the invite of flirting. If you smile at a guy, they will feel its okay for them to come up to you and start talking to you. If you have a serious look on your face with no chance of you cracking a smile, a guy will definitely be hesitant to come up to you and start talking to you.

> Being Sweet and Vulnerable - Some of the man in this world will fall in love with girls who acts like a tough chick, but most of them will fall in love with kind and sweet girls with a good personality. You should also try to look at him through your eyelashes and they will fall in love with you. However, you must remember that you should "Never Gossip or Back Stab others in front of a guy" because it will leave them a bad impression about you.

> Strike a light conversation to get things going - If you were good at expressing your interest in him, he will welcome talking with you. If not, you can always shift your attention to someone more receptive.

> Praise him - Men are just like women, they love to be complimented. I believed that everyone loves to be complimented. Therefore, telling him how nice he looks today or he smells really wonderful today is one of the flirting techniques you should master.

> Accept with grace when he complimented - If he compliments you, you should say thanks. Guys tend to get annoyed when girls constantly brush off their compliment or strat blowing their own trumpet . Therefore, you should project your confidence and he will totally believe that you deserve the compliment you get.

> Show interest when you are flirting with him - Guys love to talk about themselves and they find that girls who are interested in the things they say are the most attractive. Therefore, you should be a good listener and ask him questions if you are really interested in his answers.

> Very important flirting tip for girls is - "Enjoy yourself" - Happy people always attract other people. When you are happy, you feel and look great, and the entire personality changes! If you want to be remembered wherever you go, be happy, be filled with joy, and most of all be genuine. These simple things will ensure you will never lack attention from the opposite sex!

You may find it hard to believe, but these flirting tips are easy and simple to apply. You should be able to enjoy the moment and the teasing conversation. Believe that you're a great woman inside out.
Couldn't agree more that gossiping and backstabbing is a turn-off. I really hate that.